how to fix a mirror on the wall

Steps To Hang A Mirror

Hanging a mirror on the wall does not require an expert’s advice or care of a carpenter as it is something that any house owner can do themselves. At most, you can get a handyman from our esteemed London Handyman Services to get the job done at the cheapest possible cost. For this purpose you require mirror brackets that are easily found in hardware stores. Next, you shall require anchor screws to hold the brackets in place.

To start off, place the mirror plush against the wall exactly where you want it to go and chalk an outline around the edges of the mirror using a pencil. Take down the mirror slowly and put it up against the wall. Now, place the brackets along the upper and lower edges perfectly with the outline and mark the screw holes of the brackets on the wall. Those are spots where the anchor bracket and screws shall go on.

Start hammering in the anchor and screw arrangement slowly so that they are plush against the wall. Finally mount each of the brackets so that they are immovable. Once the brackets are ready, simply slide the mirror into place to complete the installation of your new mirror.

Some tiny mirrors come with a small nail hanging hole at the back. For such type of mirrors simply choose a spot on the wall and hammer a nail or screw into it. Mount the mirror on that nail and slide it into the lock position to complete the installation. For large mirrors that may be too heavy for your wall, give us a call and we shall send over our handyman to fit it perfectly.


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